पेड़ के पर्यायवाची शब्द (Ped Ke Paryayvachi Shabd): Hindi Vocabulary for Trees

With so many synonyms that vividly depict trees, which are integral components of our surroundings, the Hindi language offers an incredibly rich tapestry of vocabulary. Understanding these synonyms for “ped” (पेड़) (paryayvachi shabd, पर्यायवाची शब्द) will improve your writing and your comprehension of Hindi literature.

Beyond Ped: A World of Synonyms

While “ped” is the most common word for tree, Hindi boasts a variety of synonyms, each with subtle nuances:

  • The formal term “Vriksh” (वृक्ष) denotes a huge tree and is frequently employed in literary contexts.
  • Like Vriksh, taroo (तरु) also denotes a big tree, but it has a more lyrical connotation.
  • Druma (द्रुम): This old word highlights the majesty and durability of a tree.
  • Vanaspati (वनस्पति): This more general phrase refers to any vegetation, including trees.
  • The word padaap (पादप) literally means “having feet,” emphasizing the tree’s firmly established roots.
  • Shakhi (शाखी): This unusual name is about a tree’s branches.
  • Rukh (रुख): The word “tree” is commonly used in informal Hindi.

Choosing the Right Word

The best synonym depends on the context.

  • Formal writing: Choose between druma (द्रुम) and vriksh (वृक्ष).
  • Poetry: Druma (द्रुम) or Taru (夤夰奁) provide a sophisticated touch.
  • Casual environments: ped (पेड़) or rukh (रुख) are ideal.
  • Use shakhi (शाखी) to highlight the branches.

Going Beyond Synonyms

The beauty of Hindi lies in its descriptive nature. Here are some colorful phrases that use these synonyms:

  • Faladaar vriksh: fruit-bearing tree (फलदार वृक्ष)
  • Ancient tree Puran Vriksh (पूरन वृक्ष)
  • Pushpad van: Flower Woodland (पुष्पद वन)


Acquiring knowledge of synonyms for “ped” enhances your Hindi language proficiency and enables you to communicate with more subtlety. So the next time you write about trees, think about utilizing these lovely substitutes to demonstrate your language proficiency and value the environment we live in.


  • Are certain plants synonyms for others? Yes, Hindi has a large number of synonyms for different plants.
  • How can I expand my vocabulary in Hindi? Engage in conversation with native speakers, watch movies, and read books.
  • Where can I get a list of synonyms in Hindi? Synonym lists are available on a lot of language learning applications and online dictionaries.
  • Is it necessary to commit synonyms to memory? Memorization by rote is not as significant as familiarity. Make use of these terms in your regular routine.
  • How may synonyms be useful while writing creatively? Synonyms add diversity to your writing by avoiding repetition and providing variety.

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