Goku.tu: Is it the Ultimate Dragon Ball Destination?

Dragon Ball fans rejoice! You’ve likely stumbled upon goku.tu in your quest to stream your favorite Saiyan saga. But before you dive into the world of Goku and his friends, let’s take a closer look at goku.tu and what it offers.

What is goku.tu?

Goku.tu is a website offering free streaming of Dragon Ball content, including Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and potentially other related shows or movies.

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Is goku.tu Safe?

There are potential safety risks associated with goku.tu and similar free streaming sites:

  • Malware: These sites can be breeding grounds for malware like viruses or spyware hidden in ads or pop-ups.
  • Phishing: Fake login pages might steal your personal information.
  • Uncertain Security: The source of the content is unknown, so there could be hidden security vulnerabilities within the streams themselves.

Is goku.tu Legal?

The biggest concern with goku.tu is legality. Most of the content offered is likely unlicensed. Distributing copyrighted content without permission is illegal, and streaming or downloading it could be as well.

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Alternatives to goku.tu

There are safe and legal ways to enjoy Dragon Ball content:

  • Subscription Services: Platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation offer Dragon Ball shows and movies for a monthly fee.
  • Free Trials: Many subscription services have free trials, so you can test them out before committing.
  • Official Dragon Ball Channels: Check official sources like YouTube for episodes or movie purchases.


While goku.tu might seem convenient, the potential legal and security risks are significant. It’s best to stick to safe and legal alternatives to get your Dragon Ball fix.


1. Is goku.tu an official Dragon Ball website?

No, goku.tu is not an official Dragon Ball website.

2. What happens if I get caught using goku.tu?

The likelihood of getting in trouble is low, but streaming unlicensed content is illegal.

3. Are there any safe free Dragon Ball options?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many completely safe free options. Some limited content might be available on free, ad-supported platforms, but proceed with caution.

4. What’s the best alternative to goku.tu?

Subscription services like Crunchyroll or Funimation offer the safest and most reliable way to stream Dragon Ball content.

5. Can I download Dragon Ball content from goku.tu?

Downloading copyrighted content from goku.tu is illegal and risky. It’s best to avoid it altogether.

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