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Sicbo is a game of chance that originated in China. In this game, players bet on the outcome of three dice that are thrown. Sicbo is widely played in online casinos around the world and is becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we will guide you on how to play Sicbo in detail on the Fun88 betting platform, currently the most reputable in Thailand.

What is Sicbo?

Sicbo is a popular dice game in online and traditional casinos today. The game originates from China and has spread widely to many other countries around the world. In Sicbo, players bet on various betting options available on the betting table. The outcome of the game is based on the total points of the three dice when thrown, and players can bet on many different types of bets.

History of Sicbo

Sicbo originated from ancient China and was developed from a folk game into a popular casino game worldwide. The name “Sicbo” means “precious dice” in Chinese, referring to the three dice used in this game.

In the past, Sicbo was played using stones to represent the three dice. However, with the development of technology, the game has been improved and uses three dice to increase the excitement and authenticity for players.

How to Play Sicbo on Fun88

Fun88 is one of the leading online casinos in Asia, licensed by E Gambling Montenegro and PAGCOR, ensuring a transparent and safe betting playground for players. At Fun 888, players will experience a variety of exciting games, including Sicbo.

To play Sicbo on Fun88, follow these steps:

  • Create a Fun88 Account

To play Sicbo on Fun88, players need to have an account on this website. Registering for Fun88 is very simple, just visit the official Fun88 website at . Then click the “Register” button and fill in the required information. After completing, you will receive an account confirmation email from Fun88.

  • Deposit Money into Your Fun88 Account

After successfully registering a Fun88 account, you need to deposit money into your account to participate in betting on this website. Fun88 supports many different deposit methods, including bank transfers, online payment gateways, e-wallets, etc. To deposit money, just choose a suitable payment method and follow the instructions.

  • Choose a Sicbo Table

To play Sicbo on Fun88, just access the “Casino” section on the menu bar and select the Sicbo game. Here, a list of ongoing Sicbo tables will be displayed, you just need to choose a table suitable for your budget and experience.

  • Participate in Betting

After choosing a suitable Sicbo table, you need to select a betting door on the table and proceed to bet. This includes: betting on Big, betting on Small, single bets, double bets, triple bets, etc.

After the players have placed their bets, the dealer will shake the three dice in a closed box and open the box to announce the result. The result of the game will be displayed on the screen, and if you win the bet, you will be paid according to the regulations.

Types of Bets in Sicbo

In Sicbo, there are many different types of bets that players can choose from. Below are some of the most popular types of bets:

  • Big/Small Bet

This is the most basic bet in Sicbo. Players bet on the total points of the three dice being Big (from 11 to 17) or Small (from 4 to 10). If the total points of the three dice are 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17, the player wins the bet if they have bet on Big. Conversely, if the total points are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10, the player wins the bet if they have bet on Small.

  • Even/Odd Bet

Players bet on the total points of the three dice being even or odd. If the total points are even, the player wins the bet if they have bet on Even. If the total points are odd, the player wins the bet if they have bet on Odd.

  • Specific Number Bet

In this type of bet, players bet on a specific number from 4 to 17. If the total points of the three dice are the number that the player has bet on, they win the bet with different payout ratios depending on that number.


Sicbo is a simple but very interesting and attractive dice game. With the development of technology, players can easily and conveniently experience this game online on Fun88. Register for Fun88 today to join Sicbo and become one of the winners.

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