How to make successful bets on dog racing?

In some countries bet on dog racing is very popular. As betting has spread, this type of competition has begun to attract interest from customers of bookmakers worldwide. To successfully place bets on dog racing, a bettor must consider not only the names of the favorites and the rules of the game but also many other aspects.

Features of betting on dog racing

This type of competition is characterized by fairly simple rules. Typically, races involve six to eight dogs. The dog that crosses the finish line first is considered the winner. If determining the first to cross the finish line is difficult, a photo finish is used. Prize places are considered from first to third.

Usually, on a bookmaker’s website, you can place such bets on dog racing:

  • Predicting which dog will finish first;
  • Attempting to guess which greyhound will not be able to win;
  • Betting that the selected dog will enter the top three;
  • The opposite of the previous point;
  • The dog will get a gold or silver medal;
  • Attempting to determine the finalist and the silver medalist in a clear sequence;
  • The most difficult option with the highest odds, which involves predicting the top three or four finalists in a clear sequence.

As in other sports, the higher the complexity of the bet, the higher the odds offered by the bookmaker. Offshore bookmakers often accept bets on dog racing.

Key rules when placing bets on dog racing

This discipline almost excludes the possibility of fixing results or bribery, which is why it is popular among bettors. To achieve success, experts recommend choosing a favorite from those dogs that have already participated in one or two races on that day. At the same time, the dog should not be listed as an outsider based on the results of past competitions. In the case of a bet on a loser, it is necessary to find out which greyhound has the lowest speed. Additionally, you need to analyze its results in previous races.

What to consider when placing bets?

To get the maximum results from the placed bet, you need to carefully analyze the upcoming race. The following factors will play a key role:

  • Age: Older and more experienced greyhounds usually win;
  • Fatigue: The more races a dog has had in a day, the worse its results will be in each subsequent race;
  • Starting position: Not all dogs stick to the inside circle, so being in an uncomfortable starting position, a greyhound will try to change lanes, which will definitely affect the race time;
  • Speed: Usually, dogs are marked with numbers from 1 to 11 based on speed indicators, but through statistical analysis, you can determine the fastest or slowest participant in the race;
  • Weather conditions: In favorable weather, favorites have a much better chance of winning, while outsiders, on the contrary, will have an additional advantage if it rains or snows.

It will also be helpful to familiarize yourself with expert forecasts before the start of the game. In any case, it is important to remember that betting is a highly unpredictable matter. Therefore, even considering all factors, one cannot be completely sure of one outcome or another.

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