Motion of Anything Nguyen Si Kha & Bells of Gal in 2022

Have you ever witnessed a performance that transcends the physical, where bodies morph into living sculptures and sound weaves a tapestry of emotions? In 2022, the artistic worlds of Motion of Anything Nguyen Si Kha and Bells of Gal collided, resulting in a series of spellbinding pieces that redefined the very notion of movement. This blog post delves into the heart of these captivating collaborations, unpacking their artistic language, exploring their groundbreaking techniques, and ultimately, celebrating the captivating dance of time they orchestrated.

The Enigmatic Motion of Anything

Motion of Anything, the brainchild of the Vietnamese choreographer and visual artist Nguyen Si Kha, is a collective that defies categorization. It seamlessly blends contemporary dance, visual art, and technology, creating performances that are as much intellectual puzzles as they are breathtaking spectacles. Kha’s choreography is characterized by a hypnotic precision, with bodies contorting into impossible angles and fluidly transitioning between stillness and explosive movement. His use of illusions and projections further blurs the lines between reality and perception, leaving audiences mesmerized and questioning the very nature of what they see.

The Haunting Melodies of Bells of Gal

Bells of Gal, led by the enigmatic Japanese composer and sound artist Hiroyuki Yamamoto, crafts soundscapes that are both ethereal and unsettling. Yamamoto’s compositions incorporate field recordings, electronic manipulations, and traditional Japanese instruments, creating sonic tapestries that evoke a sense of mystery and otherworldliness. His music has the power to transport listeners to another dimension, where time stretches and emotions swirl in a mesmerizing vortex.

Collision of Worlds

In 2022, Motion of Anything and Bells of Gal embarked on a series of collaborative performances that pushed the boundaries of their respective disciplines. These pieces, aptly titled “Timeless,” explored the concept of time through movement and sound, weaving together Kha’s mesmerizing choreography with Yamamoto’s haunting sonic landscapes. The collaborations were not mere showcases of individual talent; they were a true fusion of artistic visions, where each element amplified the other, creating something transcendent and wholly new.

Deconstructing Time

One of the most striking aspects of these collaborations was their unique approach to time. Kha’s choreography manipulated time signatures, creating a sense of elastic fluidity where moments stretched and contracted. Yamamoto’s soundscapes echoed this sentiment, with layers of sound weaving in and out of existence, blurring the lines between past, present, and future. This deconstruction of time challenged audiences to perceive their own experience of it, encouraging them to become active participants in the unfolding performance.

Embodied Emotions

Beyond the intellectual exploration of time, these collaborations were deeply emotional experiences. Kha’s dancers embodied a spectrum of emotions, from vulnerability and fragility to defiance and power. Yamamoto’s music mirrored these emotions, evoking feelings of yearning, loss, and ultimately, a sense of acceptance and catharsis. The combined effect was a profoundly moving experience that resonated with audiences on a deeply personal level.

A Legacy of Innovation

The groundbreaking work of Motion of Anything Nguyen Si Kha and Bells of Gal in 2022 has left a lasting impact on the artistic landscape. Their collaborations have not only redefined the possibilities of dance and music, but have also challenged audiences to rethink their relationship with time and emotion. Their artistic legacy stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, of pushing boundaries, and of using art as a vehicle for introspection and emotional connection.

Beyond the Stage

The impact of these collaborations extends beyond the confines of the performance space. Their work has sparked conversations about the role of art in society, the importance of challenging convention, and the power of human connection. As audiences grapple with the complex ideas and emotions evoked by these pieces, they carry the experience with them, leaving a lasting mark on their perception of the world.


Motion of Anything Nguyen Si Kha and Bells of Gal’s 2022 collaborations were not simply performances; they were portals to a different way of experiencing time, space, and emotion. Their innovative artistic language, their seamless fusion of movement and sound, and their willingness to challenge audiences have solidified their place as pioneers in the contemporary art scene. As their collaborations continue to resonate with audiences around the world, one thing is certain: the captivating dance of time they orchestrated will continue to echo for years to come.


  • Where can I learn more about Motion of Anything and Bells of Gal?

Both Motion of Anything and Bells of Gal maintain active online presences. You can visit their websites to explore their past projects, upcoming performances, and artistic visions. Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer further insights into their creative process and engagement with audiences.

  • How can I experience their work if I haven’t had the opportunity to see a live performance?

Thankfully, the reach of art extends beyond the physical stage. Both Motion of Anything and Bells of Gal have released recordings and visual documentation of their collaborations, allowing audiences to experience their work from afar. These recordings, available on platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, capture the essence of their collaborations, albeit through the lens of a screen. While nothing can truly replicate the live experience, these digital offerings provide a valuable window into their artistic universe.

  • Are there any upcoming collaborations between Motion of Anything and Bells of Gal to look forward to?

While no official announcements have been made, the success of their 2022 collaborations suggests a strong possibility of future pairings. Both artists continue to push boundaries and explore new territories within their respective disciplines, indicating a potential for further synergy and innovation. Keeping an eye on their websites and social media channels is the best way to stay informed about any upcoming collaborations.

  • What specific aspects of their work resonated with you the most?

This is a deeply personal question, and the answer will vary greatly depending on individual experiences and sensitivities. Some might be captivated by the technical mastery of Kha’s choreography, others might find solace in the otherworldly soundscapes of Yamamoto’s music. The deconstruction of time, the evocation of raw emotions, or the sheer visual spectacle of their collaborations might be what resonates most strongly for others. The beauty of their work lies in its multifaceted nature, offering something for everyone to connect with on a unique level.

  • How has their work impacted your own artistic endeavors or perception of art in general?

The transformative power of art is undeniable, and the impact of Motion of Anything and Bells of Gal’s work can be felt far beyond the stage. Their willingness to challenge conventions, their masterful blending of disciplines, and their focus on evoking emotional response inspire creators across various fields to step outside their comfort zones and embrace new possibilities. Their dedication to artistic integrity and innovation offers a powerful reminder that art is not just entertainment; it is a force for questioning, challenging, and ultimately, expanding our understanding of the world around us.

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