MyFlexBot Customer Service: Your Guide to Getting Help Fast

Amazon Flex drivers can acquire delivery blocks, adjust routes, and track progress with the use of MyFlexBot, an automation tool. By automating the time-consuming and competitive process of locating and accepting delivery assignments, the tool purports to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability for Amazon Flex drivers. But just like with other software programs, customers of MyFlexBot can run into any problems or have inquiries when utilizing the tool, in which case they should get in touch with customer support for support. In this blog post, we will outline the expectations for MyFlexBot customer service.

What is MyFlexBot?

Independent software developers created the automation application MyFlexBot for Amazon Flex drivers. Through the Amazon Flex program, independent contractors may deliver items for Amazon on a flexible schedule and with their cars. However, due to strong demand and a limited number of available blocks, locating and obtaining delivery blocks on the Amazon Flex app can be quite difficult. By automatically searching the app for available blocks and alerting users when one is found, MyFlexBot seeks to expedite and simplify this process. The consumers won’t need to manually swipe the app or refresh it frequently if they accept the block with a single press. To assist users in making deliveries quickly and successfully, MyFlexBot also offers additional services, including real-time tracking, route optimization, and strategic recommendations.

Why do you need to contact MyFlexBot customer service?

There are various reasons why you may need to contact MyFlexBot customer service, such as:

  • You are experiencing a technical difficulty with the tool, which might involve issues with installation, activation, compatibility, or performance.
  • You need to seek a refund, cancel your membership, or deal with billing or payment issues related to the product.
  • You would want to provide the tool with comments or suggestions, such as feature requests, problem reports, or endorsements.
  • You have a broad query or inquiry concerning the tool, such as what it does, how it operates, or why you need it.

myflexbot customer service

What to expect from MyFlexBot customer service?

Customer support at MyFlexBot promises to be professional, amiable, and helpful while resolving problems or inquiries as quickly as possible. Their website claims that they have a group of skilled and knowledgeable specialists who can diagnose and resolve any technical issues with the product. They also offer a group of polite and informed staff members who can deal with any billing, payment, or tool subscription problems. Additionally, they appreciate any comments or recommendations from their clients and work hard to include them in their offerings. But there are also certain restrictions and difficulties that MyFlexBot customer support could run into, like:

Compatibility: MyFlexBot does not function with iOS devices; it is only compatible with Android smartphones. Consequently, the tool will not work for you if you use an iPhone, and customer support will not be able to assist you with that.

Updates: MyFlexBot must be updated often to stay current with modifications made to the Amazon Flex app. As a result, if you don’t upgrade the tool, you can encounter certain bugs or issues, and customer support might urge you to do so before they can assist you.

Availability: Only during business hours is MyFlexBot customer care available; it might not be able to address your questions or problems after hours. As a result, you might not hear back or receive a solution until the following business day if your problem is urgent or time-sensitive.

How to get the most out of MyFlexBot customer service?

To get the most out of MyFlexBot customer service, and to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience, you can follow these tips and best practices:

Choose the appropriate approach: Select the best way to get in touch with MyFlexBot customer support based on the nature and urgency of your problem or inquiry. For instance, you can utilize the online or email option if your question is straightforward and generic. You can use the phone option if your problem is urgent or complex.

Give the required details: When contacting MyFlexBot customer support, make sure you give them all the information they need, including your name, email address, phone number, order number, device model, app version, and a detailed explanation of the problem or query you are having. This will make it easier for them to recognize and authenticate your account, as well as to comprehend and respond to your query or problem more quickly and effectively.

Be kind and kind. Refrain from using harsh or insulting words while contacting MyFlexBot customer support. Recall that they are humans and are attempting to assist you. Being unpleasant or combative won’t help you receive better service—in fact, it can backfire.


For Amazon Flex drivers, MyFlexBot is an automation tool that may be used to secure delivery blocks, optimize routes, and track advancement. The application promises to increase Amazon Flex drivers’ productivity, efficiency, and revenue by eliminating the difficult and competitive process of locating and accepting delivery assignments. Like any software program, MyFlexBot customers might run into problems or have queries when utilizing the application, in which case they should get in touch with customer support for help.


1. Is MyFlexBot customer service free? Yes, contacting them is free, regardless of the method you choose.

2. Do they offer phone support? No, currently, they do not offer phone support.

3. What are their business hours? Business hours are not explicitly stated, but they typically respond during standard business hours.

4. What if my issue is urgent? If your issue is time-sensitive, consider reaching out via email with “URGENT” in the subject line.

5. Can I cancel my MyFlexBot subscription through customer service? Yes, you can request a cancellation through email.

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