Think of Mess: The Acidic Soundscapes of Nguyen Duy Tri’s Acid Madness 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic music, Vietnamese DJ and producer Nguyen Duy Tri, known as Think of Mess, has carved a unique niche with his brand of genre-bending sounds. His latest offering, “Acid Madness” (2023), takes listeners on a mind-bending journey through distorted realities, where pulsating acid lines, warped samples, and driving rhythms collide in a sonic kaleidoscope.

The Depths of Acid

The album’s title track sets the tone, immediately immersing listeners in a sea of swirling acid basslines and distorted textures. Tracks like “Industrialized Nightmare” and “Fractured Reality” push the boundaries further, incorporating elements of industrial noise and dark techno, creating a sense of unease and disorientation.

A Fusion of Influences

While “Acid Madness” is firmly rooted in the world of acid techno, Think of Mess masterfully incorporates influences from various genres. “Duality” blends ethereal melodies with driving beats, while “Lost in Translation” injects a touch of Eastern flair with its use of traditional instruments and samples. This diversity keeps the album fresh and unpredictable, showcasing Think of Mess’s versatility as a producer.

More Than Just Dance Music

Despite its dancefloor-oriented nature, “Acid Madness” is more than just a collection of party anthems. Tracks like “Innermost Thoughts” and “Contemplation” offer introspective moments, showcasing Think of Mess’s ability to evoke a wide range of emotions. The album’s overall narrative arc explores themes of self-discovery, disillusionment, and the search for meaning in a chaotic world.

A Visceral Live Experience

Think of Mess’s music is truly meant to be experienced live. His energetic DJ sets and captivating visuals transport listeners to the heart of his sonic universe. If you have the chance to catch him perform, be prepared for a mind-blowing journey that will leave you wanting more.

A Glimpse into the Future of Acid

With “Acid Madness”, Think of Mess has established himself as a leading voice in the new wave of acid techno. His innovative approach to the genre, combined with his ability to weave in diverse influences and explore deeper themes, makes him an artist to watch. If you’re looking for electronic music that pushes boundaries and challenges your perceptions, “Acid Madness” is an essential listen.


Think of Mess’s “Acid Madness” is a triumph of sonic exploration and experimentation. It’s an album that demands to be listened to loud, with an open mind and a willingness to be swept away. Whether you’re a seasoned acid veteran or a newcomer to the genre, “Acid Madness” is an experience that will stay with you long after the last track fades out.


1. What genres does “Acid Madness” encompass?

“Acid Madness” draws from a diverse range of genres, including acid techno, industrial noise, dark techno, trance, and even hints of traditional Vietnamese music. This eclectic mix creates a unique and captivating listening experience.

2. What are the key themes explored in the album?

Themes of self-discovery, disillusionment, the search for meaning in a chaotic world, and the exploration of altered states of consciousness are woven throughout the album. Think of Mess’s music invites listeners to reflect on their own inner landscapes and connect with the world around them in new and unexpected ways.

3. What critical reception has “Acid Madness” received?

The album has been met with positive reviews from critics and listeners alike, with many praising its innovative soundscapes, emotional depth, and genre-bending approach. Some reviewers have called it a “landmark release” in the world of acid techno, while others have described it as a “mind-blowing journey that will stay with you long after the last track fades out.”

4. Where can I listen to “Acid Madness”?

The album is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. You can also purchase physical copies of the album from Think of Mess’s website or through online retailers.

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