Weevil McDonald’s: The Story Behind the Bizarre Statue in Alabama

You might be shocked to discover a huge statue of a weevil dressed as Ronald McDonald in front of the Enterprise, Alabama, McDonald’s restaurant if you happen to drive by one. Part of a community art effort honoring the town’s history and culture, the monument is known as “Ronald McWeevil.” Why, though, a weevil? Furthermore, how is it related to McDonald’s? This blog article will discuss the history, significance, and viral success of the weevil statue on the internet.

What is a weevil?

A weevil is a kind of insect that mostly consumes plants—particularly fruits, grains, and seeds. Weevils are a global pest with over 40,000 species that are found virtually everywhere. Because they aid in pest management and flower pollination, some weevils are advantageous. Nonetheless, certain weevils are dangerous because they injure crops and result in financial losses. The boll weevil is one of the most infamous weevils, attacking cotton plants and capable of destroying whole cotton fields.

What is the boll weevil’s impact on the U.S.?

The boll weevil originated in Mexico and came to the United States via Texas in the late 1800s. After that, it moved throughout the South, arriving in Alabama in 1915. Numerous farmers and laborers in the area relied heavily on the cotton business for their income, but the boll weevil caused devastation to this sector. The boll weevil infestation led to billion-dollar losses and was a contributing factor in the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression’s social and economic problems. In quest of better prospects and living conditions, a large number of individuals moved from the rural South to the metropolitan North as a result of the boll weevil.

How did Enterprise cope with the boll weevil?

A little community in Coffee County, Alabama, called Enterprise was among the areas affected by the boll weevil infestation. However, Enterprise decided to diversify and adapt rather than give up or battle the weevil. H.M. Sessions, a local seed merchant, brought peanut seeds to the region and urged farmers to grow them in place of cotton. In addition to improving crop rotation and enriching the soil, peanuts demonstrated resistance against the boll weevil. Enterprise quickly rose to the top of the nation’s peanut-producing rankings and added potatoes, sugar cane, tobacco, and other crops to its crop production. While some communities suffered and faded, enterprises flourished.

weevil mcdonald's

Why did Enterprise erect a monument to the boll weevil?

The boll weevil was a blessing to Enterprise since it made the town restructure its economy and develop more adaptability and creativity. The community chose to build a monument in its downtown area in 1919 as a way of paying tribute to the weevil. The inscription on the monument, which depicts a lady clutching a weevil above her head, states that the people of Enterprise, Coffee County, Alabama, constructed it “in profound appreciation of the boll weevil and what it has done as the herald of prosperity.” The monument, the first of its sort in the world, represents the town’s progress, gratitude, and optimism.

What is the Weevil Way project?

In 2018, the Weevil Way project was initiated as a community art endeavor to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the boll weevil monument. The project entails the creation and exhibition of fiberglass weevil sculptures that have been embellished in a variety of ways by nearby companies, groups, and artists. The initiative intends to draw tourists and visitors to the area while showcasing the town’s identity, history, and culture. As of right now, the town is home to 26 weevil sculptures, each with a different theme and name, such as “Mayor Weevil,” “Farmer Bo Weevil,” and “Nellie the Negotiator.”

What is the Ronald McWeevil statue?

On March 31, 2021, the Ronald McWeevil statue was revealed as the newest piece in the Weevil Way project. A weevil disguised as Ronald McDonald, the fast-food chain’s symbol, is included in the monument, which was funded by the Enterprise McDonald’s restaurant. The town’s gratitude for the weevil and its support of nearby companies and community partners are both intended to be conveyed via the statue. Numerous comments and views about the statue have also been posted online; some people think it’s hilarious and adorable, while others think it’s spooky and frightening.


The monument of a weevil in front of Enterprise, Alabama, McDonald’s is more than simply an oddball tourist attraction. It pays homage to the town’s past and traditions and serves as a poignant reminder of how a nuisance can sometimes be a gift in disguise. The weevil monument brings pride and happiness to the town’s citizens and serves as a tribute to the town’s inventiveness and variety. In Enterprise, Alabama, there is a weevil monument that is worth seeing, whether you are anti- or pro-weevil.

  1. Can I buy a McWeevil toy? Unfortunately, no McWeevil toys are officially available.
  2. Is there a McWeevil McRib? No McWeevil-themed menu items exist.
  3. Is McDonald’s affiliated with the statue? No, the statue is part of the Weevil Way project and not officially associated with McDonald’s.
  4. Can I visit the statue? Yes! The McDonald’s with the McWeevil statue is located at 652 Boll Weevil Cir., Enterprise, AL 36330.
  5. Is there anything else to see in Enterprise? Yes, Enterprise offers historical sites, museums, and natural beauty. Consider exploring!

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