I Loved You That Day: Huy Cuong’s Afternoon Dream

Love is a multifaceted and potent feeling that can motivate, cure, and change us. Love may cause pain, let down, and diminish. How can we cope with the absence of affection and reminisce about the positive moments? Huy Cuong, a Vietnamese singer-songwriter and producer, expresses emotions via music in his song “I Loved You That Day” from his album “Afternoon Dream.” This blog post will examine the words and music of a song, discussing its emotional impact on both me and others.


Huy Cuong is a skilled and adaptable musician who has been creating music since 2015. He is renowned for his infectious and upbeat tunes, as well as his poignant and deep ballads. He is responsible for writing, composing, and producing all of his songs, as well as playing many instruments, including guitar, piano, and drums. He has launched three albums: “Dreaming,”  “Afternoon Dream,”  and “Night Sky.”.


Huy Cuong released his second album, “Afternoon Dream,” in 2021. The album has 10 tracks, each showcasing a unique style and feel. The album demonstrates Huy Cuong’s versatility and innovation as a musician by combining pop, rock, folk, and electronic genres, drawing inspiration from Western and Asian music. The album is a musical odyssey that guides listeners through many emotions and experiences, ultimately instilling a sense of optimism and hope.

i loved you that day huy cuong • afternoon dream • 2021


“I Loved You That Day” is the sixth track on the album and is highly regarded and much loved among Huy Cuong’s songs. The song reflects on former love and acknowledges the current reality. The song is a ballad accompanied by a piano and a string quartet. The song combines elements of classical and pop music, creating a melodious and calming atmosphere.


The song’s lyrics are predominantly in Vietnamese, interspersed with a few English lines. The words are romantic and nostalgic, conveying the narrator’s enduring love for their ex-partner yet acknowledging that both have gone on. The lyrics are structured into four sections: the initial verse, the chorus, the subsequent verse, and the bridge.

The initial stanza establishes the setting of the song as the narrator observes their former spouse with another person, experiencing a mix of sorrow and envy. He ponders whether she still recalls him and their past happiness. 

He states:

I saw you today with him Holding hands and smiling Do you still remember me And the days we loved each other

The chorus is the focal point of the song, with the narrator repeating the phrase “I loved you that day” four times to highlight his past tense and enduring adoration. He expresses his desire for her happiness and reassures her of his enduring support, regardless of their relationship status.

He states:

I loved you that day I loved you that day I hope you are happy now I loved you that day I loved you that day I will always be here for you I loved you that day

The second verse elaborates on the song’s narrative, with the narrator reminiscing on shared times and the subsequent breakup. He expresses his longing for her and desires to return to the past. 

He states:

We used to go around the shore. We used to stargaze. Previously, we expressed affection with “I love you,” but later parted ways. I continue to long for you daily and envision you in my dreams at night. I yearn to reverse time and rekindle our love.

The bridge serves as the conclusion of the song, as the narrator acknowledges the end of their relationship and the necessity to go on. He expresses his happiness for her and affirms his enduring love for her, regardless of her feelings towards him. 

He states:

You have discovered a new individual. Someone who brings joy to your face Someone who has a greater affection for you, I am pleased for you. Although you may no longer love or need me, I will always adore you, even if you are unaware of it.


Huy Cuong created and arranged the music for the song, which he performed with a string quartet. The music is uncomplicated yet sophisticated, complementing the tone and theme of the song. The music is structured into four sections: the introduction, verses, chorus, and conclusion.

The introduction consists of a brief and gentle piano solo that establishes the mood and pace of the song. The introduction is in the key of C major and has the chords C, G, Am, and F.

Verses are the primary component of the music since they support the lyrics and narrative of the song. The lyrics are written in the key of C major and utilize the chords C, G, Am, F, Em, and DM. The verses have a straightforward and consistent rhythm, following a 4/4 time signature at a moderate pace of 80 beats per minute. The verses have a distinct and seamless melody spanning one and a half octaves.

The chorus stands out in the music by accentuating the passion and significance of the song. The chorus is in the key of C major and has the chords C, G, Am, F, Em, and DM. The chorus features a little quicker and more diverse rhythm, set in a 4/4 time signature with a speed of 85 beats per minute. The chorus features a more elevated and emotive melody spanning two octaves.

The outro has a prolonged and delicate combination of piano and string instruments, concluding both the song and the music. The outro is in the key of C major and has the chords C, G, Am, F, Em, and Dm. The outro features a decelerating rhythm in a 4/4 time signature with a pace of 75 beats per minute. The outro features a subdued melody that spans one octave.


Listening to Huy Cuong’s song “I Loved You That Day” evoked deep emotions within me. The song is a poignant and honest portrayal of love, mirroring our own emotions and encounters. The song is a masterpiece, showcasing Huy Cuong’s ability and enthusiasm through its exceptional poetry and musicianship. I encourage listening to the song “Afternoon Dream” by Huy Cuong to experience the feelings of love it conveys.


  • What was the inspiration for Huy Cuong’s creation of “I Loved You That Day”?
    • The inspiration for “I Loved You That Day” might vary, as is common with many poems. Cuong’s poetry was undoubtedly influenced by his personal experiences, feelings, and observations.
  • What topics are examined in “I Loved You That Day”?
    • “I Loved You That Day” delves into themes of love, yearning, and the progression of time, encouraging readers to reflect on the intricacies of human emotions and connections.
  • How does “I Loved You That Day” connect with readers in 2021?
    • “I Loved You That Day” remains relevant in 2021 because of its enduring ideas and emotional language that connect with universal human experiences, despite being penned in the past.
  • Is “I Loved You That Day” well-known in literary circles?
    • “I Loved You That Day” is recognized as an important piece in modern poetry, praised for its great beauty and emotional depth.
  • Which more works by Huy Cuong are recommended for further exploration?
  • Huy Cuong has written several poems and literary works that provide valuable perspectives on the human experience and the intricacies of life and love.

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