Change Life: Huy Cuong’s Better Limit in 2023

Life is replete with changes, ranging from significant to minor, that have the power to influence our fate and push us beyond our comfort zone. How can we manage and accept change? Huy Cuong, a Vietnamese singer-songwriter and producer, expresses his message via music in his song “Change Life” from his album “Better Limit.” Will examine the words and melody of a motivational song and discuss its impact on me and others.


Huy Cuong is a skilled and adaptable musician who has been creating music since 2015. He is renowned for his infectious and upbeat tunes, as well as his poignant and deep ballads. He is responsible for writing, composing, and producing all of his songs, as well as playing many instruments, including guitar, piano, and drums. He has launched three albums to date: “Dreaming,”  “Afternoon Dream,”  and “Better Limit.”.


Huy Cuong’s third album, “Better Limit,” was published in 2023. The album has 10 tracks, each showcasing a unique style and feel. The album demonstrates Huy Cuong’s musical ingenuity and versatility by combining pop, rock, folk, and electronic genres, drawing inspiration from Western and Asian music. The CD is a musical odyssey that guides you through many feelings and experiences, inspiring you to chase after your aspirations and ambitions.


“Change Life” is the opening track on the album and is considered one of Huy Cuong’s most popular and highly praised songs. The song revolves around confronting change and using its potential. The song is a rock composition, including a guitar and drums. The song combines elements of traditional and contemporary music, creating a vibrant and lively sound.

change life huy cuong • better limit • 2023


Huy Cuong created and arranged the music for the song and performed it with a band. The music is straightforward yet impactful, complementing the tone and theme of the song. The music is split into four sections: the introduction, the verses, the chorus, and the conclusion.

The introduction is a brief and high-volume guitar solo that establishes the mood and pace of the song. The introduction is in the A major key and has the chords A, D, E, and F#m.

Verses are the primary component of music, accompanying the lyrics and storyline of the song. The lyrics are in the key of A major and utilize the chords A, D, E, and F#m. The lyrics follow a straightforward and consistent rhythm, set in a 4/4 time signature with a brisk speed of 120 beats per minute. The verses include a distinct and seamless melody spanning one octave.

The chorus stands out in the music by accentuating the passion and significance of the song. The chorus is in the key of A major and has the chords A, D, E, and F#m. The chorus features a little quicker and more diverse rhythm, set in a 4/4 time signature with a speed of 125 beats per minute. The chorus features a more elevated and emotive melody spanning one and a half octaves.

The outro is a prolonged and sonorous combination of guitar and percussion, concluding the song and the music. The conclusion is in the A major key and has the chords A, D, E, and F#m. The outro has a rapid and diminishing rhythm, set in a 4/4 time signature with a speed of 130 beats per minute. The outro features a more elevated and nuanced melody spanning one and a half octaves.


Listening to Huy Cuong’s song “Change Life” left me feeling encouraged and invigorated. The song is a strong and motivating representation of transformation, reflecting our capacity and drive. The song is an exemplary display of lyrical and musical artistry, showcasing Huy Cuong’s exceptional ability and dedication. I strongly suggest listening to the song “Better Limit” by Huy Cuong since it has the potential to positively impact your life.


  • How will “Change Life” by Huy Cuong assist me in overcoming personal obstacles?
    • “Change Life” provides guidance and tactics for accepting change, establishing significant boundaries, and fostering resilience when confronted with challenges.
  • How might Cuong’s lessons be used practically in daily life?
    • Practical advice includes establishing attainable objectives, engaging in mindfulness and introspection, giving importance to self-care, and nurturing good connections.
  • How does “Change Life” tackle the idea of establishing improved boundaries?
    • Cuong’s work promotes the importance of setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and achieving balance in life to enhance personal growth and enjoyment.
  • Is “Change Life” appropriate for people at various life stages?
    • “Change Life” provides universal ideas and insights that apply to people of all ages and backgrounds, irrespective of their life situations.
  • What distinguishes “Change Life” from other self-help and personal development books?
  • “Change Life” is notable for its profound philosophical insights, enduring wisdom, and practical relevance, providing readers with a comprehensive method for personal development and advancement. 

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